Beginners & Novices

The dungeon experience for some will be a nerve wracking and daunting experience. You will find it easy to browse through the website and make your booking. However, some of you may find that as your booking date gets closer you will feel the urge to cancel, especially at the last minute.
Mistress Dominance understands this, therefore, she tries to make your whole experience from start to finish as smooth as possible.
There are a variety of reasons that people may feel uncomfortable such as:

  • You are worried about it hurting and leaving marks that can be seen
  • You may be worried you will not be able to withstand the pain
  • You may have reservations about entering an environment that is completely new to you

These worries are completely natural and are genuine feelings and thoughts of a novice.

Firstly, you need to understand that not all BDSM and Fetish is linked to pain, there are many pain free options such as:

  • Body Worship
  • Role Play
  • Humiliation
  • Degradation
  • Water Sports
  • Bondage
  • Cross Dressing
  • Foot Worship 
The list is endless, there are many other pain free alternatives.

Alternatively, pain is available, if requested, with safe words being used. There are a variety of levels and an assortment of ways for pain to be delivered, from Bottom Spanking to Caning. Levels above these are for the more experienced slaves.

Before booking your experience, you need to carefully think about what your own fantasies are and how you would like this to be made a reality for you, and in which way. The best way is to be honest with me, explain how you want it to go and then together we can work out the best scenario or session for your requirements.

Whatever the level, from very experienced to complete beginner, everyone is welcome at my dungeon.